Coral Gables Mayor Jim C. Cason Endorses Raul Valdes-Fauli for Next Mayor of Coral Gables

Dear Friend:

When I was sworn in as Mayor of Coral Gables five years ago, my dream was to make our city a more prosperous and attractive place to live and work. But the Great Recession had taken its toll on individuals, families and businesses – and our local government was no exception.

Revenues were declining due to lower property values that reduced taxes. Collective bargaining agreements were unsustainable, and pension reform was critical. The City’s bond rating had been significantly lowered. Infrastructure was in dire need of improvement. And the list goes on.

During my tenure as Coral Gables mayor, we’ve managed to turn these problems around. We have replenished our general fund reserves; reduced our millage rates; restored our AAA bond ratings; reduced crime by 15%; among many other accomplishments.

But there is still work to be done.

Having served as mayor from 1993-2001, Raul has a track record of success in our City’s management. During his tenure he:

  • Lowered crime
  • Lowered taxes
  • Made Merrick Park a reality
  • Revitalized Miracle Mile and the Youth Center
  • Achieved a AAA bond rating

It is my sincere hope that, like me, you will support Raul Valdes- Fauli for Mayor in the election on April 11. I am confident that he will continue the legacy of enhancing the quality of life in our beloved City Beautiful for years to come.

Best regards,

James Cason, Mayor